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Soffio Fast Rib - Luxury Fast ribs

Soffio is a line of inflatable boats (RIBs), combining Italian style and design, performance, seaworthiness and the safety typical of the British ribs and the American offshores. All boats are manufactured by making use of the most modern and reliable technologies with the highest quality materials.


The hulls used for the each Soffio rib, is not the same used for other fast crafts on the market, but it is specifically designed to enhance the dynamic characteristics of rigid-hulled inflatable boat, allowing stability, excellent buoyancy, “dry” navigation and a remarkable economy at cruise speed.

The hulls Soffio are the result of years of advanced 3D designing and engineering & experience and in water tests.


Soffio ribs are set up to allow the user to fully enjoy the outstanding performances. Particular attention is paid to the ergonomics of the driver’s seat, allowing the driver to drive the rib safely even with rough sea and bad weather conditions.

The same attention is paid to the creation of guests’ seats, so they can appreciate – in safety and comfortably  - the breathtaking turns a Soffio rib is capable of.


Each Soffio rib is a unique piece, customized according to the customer’s taste. There are many aesthetic and functional configurations, with a large range of upholstery fabrics available.

Special Features

Every boat is individually developed by the Soffio Team taking into account the needs’ of the customer and the design philosophy, they are also provided with:

  • Special props – finished and profiled in our laboratory – to ensure exciting acceleration, breathtaking turns & speeds and optimized fuel consumption.
  • Dedicated configuration of shoes and hydrodynamic profiles to enhance the performance of the chosen engine.